Tuesday, 22 March 2011



This is a rather unexpected move for me, I never thought I'd find myself blogging, and yet, here I am sharing my thoughts and opinions like the rest of you. The idea came from having a lot of thoughts on the movies I'd watch as well as upcoming news concerning a variety of things with cinema. So many ideas, and yet, no one to share them with. I'm hoping to extend what's going on in my mind to anyone who is kind enough to read it and hopefully make it interesting for others who share a love of movies as I do.

I'm just using this first post to introduce myself and say hi, I will begin the blogging soon enough with posts of a much high quality than this, so in the meantime for the first batch of people to stumble upon this blog, here is a video that always cracks me up:

comments, questions, feedback are always welcome! thank you for reading.


  1. haha, funny movie. added to my favorites!

    following :)

  2. Hey man, I love Nicholas cage. What's your all time favorite film?

  3. oh god, this is Nicholas Cage's best acting, by far.

  4. Cage gets a lot of hate (he does make a lot of crap movies) but I think he's pretty good. Lord of War is awesome.

  5. I never had an opinion about Nic Cage until I saw this video. Now I love watching his movies for what a ridiculous actor he is!!! "BITCHES, YOU BITCHES" LOL be sure to watch the sequel to that vid, it's about his hair haha. +followed